Question about Hockey for my kid

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Question about Hockey for my kid

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Hi, My son is 9 years old. He loves hockey very much! He has completed position 4 Hockey and is now on an Advanced Level. also, he has hockey obnoxious skill classes every week. Also, private assignments 1- 2 times a month. He's on the ice 4 times a week, including Stick and Puck and public sessions.
I need to subscribe him up for the spring break camp but the player must have House or Travel or Tire 1 position experience. Can anyone help me understand how can I know if my son has analogous to House position experience? I do not want to register into the camp that will be too hard for him

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Re: Question about Hockey for my kid

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So I’m sure it's fine. He is 9, does not need private assignments. Sounds like what you have done so far is surely original to house or trip As an aside, and I know you did not ask, but reading a post like yours raises an eyebrow from me. He is 9. Put him in a hockey program, go skating when he wants. When it's over, let him play baseball or soccer, play the guitar, go hiking, do nothing, hang out at the pool, whatever. also go back to hockey coming time.