easily scratched in hockey

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easily scratched in hockey

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Hi hope everyone is good I am a newbie and have recently join my college hockey team.. We're pushing for playoffs right now, and I have been scratched every game since december My trainer says I'm doing well and learning lots in practice. I understand his reasoning behind not playing me because I'm only in my first year and I'm not an all-star on my team. Still, I think I played well in my games earlier this season. I'm good at staying positive about waiting for my time, but sometimes it's kind of hard. Any tips on what to do in times like this?

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Re: easily scratched in hockey

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Hi, as You're a freshman and it's playoff time, so I wouldn't take it personally. Enlist how you're feeling and look at it next season so you remember how it felt to be scratched. Try Using it as motivation. Keep working hard now. And, more importantly, keep a positive attitude. Your trainer is watching how you react and will remember that.